by Anna Lénárt


Now, when should I do this? My timing has to be perfect, because... well, it’s all about those moments, isn’t it? If I’m too early, then I may just ruin the surprise. He will easily pick me up and put me back, like nothing has ever happened. No... I won’t be that bottle. Though, if I’m too late, I will miss him, he won’t even notice me for about a day, and I will be laying on the white floor. Alone. In the dark. I already feel the floor getting colder as I’m bleeding out my last drops. No! I, I mustn’t think about it! Everything will be fine.

Just breathe in the leftovers of his sister’s shower: the smell of the lavender and honey. Okay, now imagine the feeling, the adrenaline, the falling. Oh, how I love it! Time is standing still, but it’s also running and I’m not overthinking, I’m just... alive. Yes. I’m truly alive, and free! But every good thing has come to an end eventually. I know that it’s my time to go. Although no one said that I shall go down without a fight! It will be perfect, it has to be!

First, he steps in the shower and tries to find the proper temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. I can’t disturb him during that, I’m not that heartless. When it’s finally good enough, he starts showering and that’s where the fun begins. I need to be patient. He has to start singing, because when he signs, he is relaxed and if he is relaxed, then he isn’t careful enough. That should be the perfect opportunity to strike. Yes, before he grabs the towel. Here he comes. Okay, I can do this.

Now about the body part... The head is good I guess, but it’s too close. There is no time to enjoy the flying. Nope. My last flight has to be spectacular. Shoulders. Well, if I hit the bone, it can be quite painful... Eh, no, still too short. Now, we have the back, or maybe the stomach? Unfortunately, I don’t have the optimal angle to do that. What else could it be? Arms, legs, toes... Ah! The toes! They are the best! Especially, the little one on his left foot. He will be so mad, I can’t wait!

Look at him. So peaceful, so carefree. Actually a bit out of tune, but still... isn’t he adorable? I almost feel bad... Should I really waste my last drops on causing him pain? Yeah, I totally should. And one, two, three... Jump!

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