by Andras Troja

-When was the last time I’ve been so confused… 

-Am I confused by myself or the events I’ve just experienced… -Am I capable of confusing myself? Nah… This is just an excuse. -Why the hell then I am not thinking about what confuses me? -Maybe I am just tired… I need a coffee… or some food… 

-Still. The thoughts are lingering in my head, screaming for an answer. -For God’s sake… I would love to swear, but Mr. Bailey would rip my head  for it. And I like my head… it is fabulous.

-Then face it: Am I careless even for me to not answer what bothers me or  I cannot focus at the moment.

-*sigh*. Focus.

-What were those creatures? What made them like this? Were they humans?  They must have been humans… So many questions.

-I must have missed something… But I tried to understand it so hard.  -Am I overestimating my comprehension of things? Then how on Earth could I reflect objectively on anything?

-I must know the answers! Then how further?

-I must read or relive the whole experience?

-Nah… This was a one night show, it will not be the same for the second  time.

-But am I doing this for the experience or for the curiosity?

-I must think about it. 

-How would I know, what to expect from it? Just because people tend to  hyped it before or just because it was famous for a reason? -In this case, curiosity. But it is not an answer.

-All I know is I did it because I was expecting something. Maybe that’s why I am not fulfilled. The glass is still half empty, and I am thirsty as hell. -But I do not want to use the easy solution. This kind of thinking makes the  human race less and less creative. Why should I think about it when I can Google it? 

-But in most cases, I am not excluded from this group. Preaching about something that I do not usually do.

-However, the signs which is dull, dingy and dirty, still can show the right  direction.

-What was I thinking about?

-Whatever, I need come coffee..or some food.

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