by Réka Földessy

They started arguing in front of me like they always do. I have already told them a hundreds of  times that I am sick and tired of their fights but they do it anyways. 

That was the case that evening as we sat around the table. I wanted to discuss the party we were going to throw to celebrate our new apartment. I was hoping for their help, but it did not go as I expected. 

- Okay, girls. I was thinking of baking some cookies for the guests but I have no idea what should  I make. Any ideas? 

- You should bake some muffins. Everybody loves muffins - said L. 

- Nah, why bother? They are not even your friends. They are his - D said with arrogance. I did not expect her to be so harsh that day, but I have known her for a long time, so I should not have been surprised.

- How can you say that?? Of course they are her friends, too! - said L, and I could hear how her voice trembled a bit.

- Pff, don’t be naive. Let’s be realistic, R. We are your only friends. I am not saying this because I  want to break down your enthusiasm. Just don’t pretend you don’t know that if it was not for  him, no one would come to celebrate.

I mean, she has a point.

- I could not agree less, D. You are saying it because YOU don’t have any friends besides us,  don’t make it about you again. She is very good at making friends and you should not be jealous - said my sweet friend, L.

I saw their faces while they were talking. I have known them for a very long time. We grew up  together, and in spite of the huge personality differences we make a good team. They were not angry with each other, I could see that. They just had different points of view.

- Okay, so cookies. The less effort you make, the less disappointed you’ll be when they end up having  fun without you - D said with pity in her voice.

- How could you say that? It is her house, her rules, her party. If she wants to have fun, she will -  L said. 

Why do you have to always encourage her to have fun when we both know she will end up crying on our shoulders? L, I love you, but sometimes you are just childish.

Can’t you be supportive for just one time in your boring life?

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